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Windows Shortcut

Shortcut langsung pada Keyboard
Ctrl + Shift + Esc : task manager
Num Lock + * : open all sub-folder in windows explorer
Backspace : back
Shift + F10 : menu properties
Shift + Tab : up one level
F1 : help
F2 : rename
F3 : find universal
F4 : move to address bar
F5 : refresh
F6 : move to address bar & windows
Alt + F4 : close window universal
Alt + Enter : full screen & right click, properties
Alt + Space : menu
Alt + Tab : change display – easier
Alt + Esc : change display – harder
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Desktop Tips


Restoring a Lost Desktop
Making Desktop Changes Permanent
Easy Shortcuts on the Desktop
Unable to Create Shortcuts on the Desktop
Repositioning a Background Bitmap
Adding Shortcuts to Desktop Without “Shortcut To” text
Adding the Device Manager to your Desktop
Changing Desktop Folders – With No Registry Changes
Updating the Desktop
Minimizing all windows
Turning on AutoArrange
Quick access to your Desktop
Turning off Desktop Icons
Removing the Network Neighborhood icon
Changing the Startup and Logoff Bitmap screens
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Registry Tips


Disabling the F3 Search Key
Preventing Changes to File Associations
Locking File Associations
Prevent Changes to the Start Menu
DOS Restrictions
Networking Restrictions
Control Panel Restrictions
Restricting the Start Menu, Explorer, and the Desktop
Eliminating the Right Click on the Taskbar
Eliminating the Right Click on the Desktop
Hiding Any Combination of Drives
Disabling Drives in My Computer
Not Saving Settings on Exit
Not Displaying the Network Neighborhood
Disabling Run or Find from the Start Menu
Hiding All Icons from the Desktop
Disabling the Right-Click on the Start Button
Disabling My Computer
Disabling File and Print Sharing
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